The Back Story

We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure our clients get the very best result.

Our Mission

The Shamanic Practitioner is a ‘worker with energy’ and one of the most important tasks for the Practitioner is to clear, or extract, negative energy from their clients.  Negative energy can attach to us in many ways, from past life trauma, as a result of ancestral energies passed down the family line and even, as a consequence of our everyday lives.  It is the role of the Shamanic Practitioner to cleanse and balance these energies. 

We will look at how the Shamanic Practitioner goes about these processes, through connection with Spirit and through the use of sound, frequency and vibration.  Finally, we will provide an overview on one of the most beautiful and essential Shamanic roles, that of the Shamanic Psychopomp, the one that guides Souls through the gateway of death and into the loving hands of their Spirit Guides.

The Shamanic Healer

Shamanic Healing is mankind’s oldest method of healing and, it is estimated, dates back 40,000 or possibly more. Some form of Shamanic Healing has been practiced in most indigenous cultures around the world, including our own ancient Irish civilisations.

At all times, it is Spirit that is the healer, not the Shamanic Practitioner. We are engaged in Spirit healing Spirit.  In most cases, the role of the Practitioner may be as simple as just getting out of the way of Spirit and allowing that healing energy to flow through.  This is known as becoming the ‘Hollow Bone’ or ‘Hollow Reed’.  There are, however, some specific healing approaches that are historically Shamanic, such as Ancestral Healing, Past Lives Healing and Soul retrieval, which we will go in to later.

Our Values

This energetic approach to illness has always been the perspective of the Shamanic Practitioner.  The Shamanic Practitioner is an energy, frequency and vibrational specialist.  Since these early beginnings, however, many advances in energy healing and many other healing modalities have been adopted by the contemporary Shamanic Practitioner.  It can be said that the modern Shamanic practitioner must have a basic understanding of many healing modalities, including some level of understanding of modern mainstream medicine, anatomy and biology. The reason for this being that negative energy can lurk in many areas of the body, giving rise to illness and dysfunction. This need only be basic understanding, of course, as we are not medical doctors or practitioners.  If not trained in allopathic medicine, we must never, ever allude to such knowledge.  Its not our field, so leave it to those that are trained in these disciplines.

To begin any Shamanic interaction with a client, it is always best to make sure that both your and your client’s energy fields are as clean and free from negative energy as possible.  This can be done through smudging with Scared Smoke, sound ( Tibetan Bowls, chanting or Bells) or Vibration, (Drumming, magnets or crystals). To do this, it is important to find some method of interacting with the client’s energetic system in an attempt to clear as much negative energy as you can.  Many Shamanic Practitioners use Reiki, or other ‘hands on healing’ methods, these techniques are very complimentary to the Shamanic approach, in fact, some Practitioners blend both Reiki and Shamanism into one powerful method, often referred to as Shamanic Reiki.  Whatever approach you use, it is also important that these measures suit you and your particular style of Shamanism, do try them out and try out other methods also.  In all types of healing it is your responsibility to update and expand your Shamanic practice.  We are always learning.

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