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We all come into this life with unlimited potential.  The potential to be and do anything we can imagine.  At birth, each individual has a direct connection to a higher understanding.  However, through the socialization of adulthood and the hardships and traumas of life and love, these abilities and self-beliefs are taken away.  Many of us find ourselves in the position of being limited and held back from achieving our highest potential.  

These negative experiences can also profoundly affect our health and well-being in all areas of our lives.

The ancient Irish Shamanic belief is that all illnesses of the mind and the body, begin in the spirit.  21st Century understandings of health are beginning to return to this view and ‘cutting edge’ scientific research is discovering that ancient techniques and approaches may be more effective than once thought.

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Anam Nasca in Irish Gaelige, means Soul Connection, the most fundamental form of healing.  This healing, in its traditional, Shamanic sense, is the balancing of all aspects within the person for the general good of the system.  Healing comes in many forms, one is the direct application of healing methods, through the likes of Soul Retrieval, Family Tree Healing, etc, another form is through the connection we have to the energies and Spirits around us and to the ‘Otherworld’.  Through these connections, we are given a means of communication that enlivens and expands our Spirit.  Even at its most basic form, the communication we have, both within and without, is of the greatest importance during this time of incarnation.  To allow our natural creative impulses to rise and be realised is to ultimately connect with the very essence of ourselves or, our Soul, which is essential for us to go that step further and connect with the energies around us and to the Greater Spiritual Presence.  Creativity is the work of the Soul and necessary for our Spiritual health.  The work of Anam Nasca, not only promotes the healing of the body and the mind, but also promotes the ‘tapping in’ to the natural reservoir of creative energy that comes directly from the Soul.  This is Soul work!

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